Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bahamian Vacation

Okay, I finally have charged my camera battery and downloaded the photos to my computer and have now gotten to the blog updating portion of our program.

We flew from St. Louis to Nassau. We had to wake up at 3:15 am to get to the airport for our 6am flight. Husband #1 was returning from Canada the day before and he was very delayed and ended up getting home at 1:30am. He almost just had to meet us in Miami! We met up with my parents that day and then the next morning we left on the boat for a more remote island in the Bahamas, Staniel Cay. It was beautiful and non-touristy. We stayed there five days or so and then left for Nassau/Atlantis for a couple days. Then off to Bimini for two days and then back to Miami for a day or so. Then we flew home. Of course we were delayed and did not get home till about midnight Sunday with Husband #1 going to work the next morning.

In Atlantis we did the resort waterpark and the kids had great time playing in the waterslides, lazy river and such all day. Bumblebee got tons of water dumped on him unexpectedly but eventually worked up the nerve to try again and went down the "big kid" slides by himself...saying "wheeee!" the whole way down. Double A loved the slides, also.

Staniel Cay was populated by roughly 30 families year round. We had golf carts to use on the island. We toured by golf cart and by dinghy. The water was clear and beautiful like an aquraium. We saw these pigs on the neighboring island that would swim out to your boat and eat the food you threw to them! Crazy. We also went to Club Thunderball a few times. This was named after the James Bond movie, Thnderball that was filmed on the island in 1964. We had to order our dinner by 5 pm every day and then they rang the dinner bell at the one restaurant at 7:30. Nurse sharks lived in the marina and was constant amusement for the kids to see the "sharks." Husband #1 was pretty set on eating conch at least once per day. I think he came pretty close to his goal. The whole thing was very nice and relaxing.

Bimini was a bit diappointing as the beaches were not that pretty and they had lot of biting bugs, like deer flies.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and we all had a great time. Plus, no one got seasick!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Baaaacckk!!

Well, here I am again. I know most of you out there have checking the blog religiously hoping and dreaming for my immediate return and lamenting my absence. This is for you! (who am I kidding?? A whole ONE of my faithful readers (about half of the whole list) emailed to ask how we were - Thanks Grandpa! No flooding here yet.)

The four of us were gone on a Bahamaian vacation with my parents. It was one would expect from 10 days in the Bahamas. We have been back a whole four days and pretty much jumped back into life with both feet. Laundry is mostly done and suitcases are mostly unapcked. More on the vacation details later. I have not uploaded my 150 pictures from my camera just yet so will hopefully tackle that in the next millenium and get those posted.

For those who are so anxious they are about to burst here is a small teaser...there are photos of a swimming pig! Who knew they could swim!? and for you 007 fans...we were at Club Thunderball - where the movie, Thunderball was filmed. Never heard of it myself but it WAS 9 years before I was born!

Rest easy dear readers, we are alive and will be hearing more from me later, whether you like it or not!