Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, a few questions today with a couple of side notes.

First: what color are her eyes??? They were always very blue like her daddy but now they seem to be changing. She claims they are green and to be honest, they do look a little more like mine in this picture.

Sidenote: This was her "West Virginia" look - one scraggly loose tooth right in the middle of her mouth. Lovely. She refused to pull it even with the bribe of getting her ears pierced. Finally I had to hold her down while her daddy grabbed it and it popped right out. Crazy girl. This is her much lovelier! Hee hee!:
Second: What is this thing??!!: We found it on the back porch dried up and dead. The picture did not come out too clearly but it is about as long as my finger. It really looked like a fish as far as the scales and such but there were no fins or anything and really, where would a fish come from to get on our back porch? It didn't really seem to be a baby snake based on the weird body shape and lack of snake like head. We still don't know...anyone??

Third: Why was it snowing in April and when will it be warm again? I couldn't bring myself to take pictures and admit it was pretty. But Monday had LOTS of snow...big pretty flakes which turned into ice pellets by afternoon. None of it stuck, thank goodness. was April 6th!! However, as my mom likes to tell me, the year we lived in Chicago there was a blizzard on April 5th (her birthday). I guess some unsticky snow is better than a blizzard. I need warm weather because my kids are outgrowing their pants and I don't want to buy more now!!

Okay, so anyone with answers, let me know!!