Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Double A soccer

This fall Double A played soccer for the first time. She had a great time and says "I am very good at defense" which means they stuck her in the backfield alot. All the other kids had played at least one other season before. She did great running after the ball but actually kicking the ball when it got near her was a bit more of a challenge!


The kids had a Halloween parade at school where they got to dress up in their costumes. Bumblebee had a hard time deciding what to be. It changed almost daily up until a few hours before we left for trick or treating. So, for his school parade he was "evil" spiderman. He was regular spiderman a few years ago and the costume is reversible. Double A said she wanted to be a waitress. We found this car hop costume and she loved it.
Halloween night came and Bumblebee chose his pirate costume to wear for trick or treating. He looked adorable and like a very mean pirate!

Unfortunately we had a slight accident while trick or treating. Bumblebee got so excited he was running in his flip flops in the ocld with frozen feet and he tripped and fell. He scrped up his knee and toe and put a hole inhis pirate pants. I think they just look more pirate-y. His sister went to a few more houses and was nice enough to get him candy from those houses Bumblebee missed due to injury.

Double A was so excited to wear makeup. She had on eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. She must have commented twenty times on how "freaky" her eyes looked with mascara. She has absolutely no need for mascara as her lashes are crazy long and dark on their own. She designed her own pumpkin and drew it on the outside and I carved it.


This fall we had our second season of Southern Mississippi football season tickets. We drove down for three home games. It is 10 hours each way. Two of the games hapened to fall on weekends when the kids were off of school Friday so no school was missed. These photos are from homecoming. Bumblebee did not want to come to the game with us, which was fine since it was late and he really doesn't do well much past his bedtime of 7:30-8pm. Husband #1's brother shares the tickets with us and he was able to make this game also. Double A was soooo excited for him to be there and to go to the game and stay up late.