Monday, April 9, 2012


We dyed eggs a few days before Easter. This is always such fun and we come up with some crazy decorations each year.

Easter morning the kids checked to make sure the Easter Bunny came. Then we noticed the Bunny had left eggs all over the back yard! The kids had a great time runnign around collecting them from the yard.

Our neighbors invited us to attend Easter services at their church. After the egg hunt we got dressed and ready to go. Afterwards we went to lunch at the golf club. It was a lovely day

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break

Our spring Break was in March. We took a week and spent a couple days in Mobile, AL. It was very rainy but we saw the USS Alabama battleship. Then we spent a few days in Orange Beach with some good friends. Then the remaining few days we spent in Destin at my parent's house. Unfortunately, on the ride home Double A threw up in the car and at her Greatmother's house and we stopped a few more times on the way home for roadside sickness. She had a 24 hour stomach bug of some kind and thankfully the rest of us avoided it. These photos are from the battleship