Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Partyin' Bahamian Style

Oh! What a night this was. None of these pictures represent our most photogenic faces but really, none of us cared too much! I think this night even included a wardrobe change for some of us.

Husband #1 appreciating the "nose" and "bouquet" of his bahamian beer, Kalik.

teaching my dad drinking games from college. Anyone remember "one up, one down?" or "I'm going camping?"

R, lovin' his wine

T & T - not really sure how we even managed this one!

T and I did not recall we even drank pineapple juice and coconut rum this night until we saw the pics later!

I am not sure what was happening here!
There are more that involve the inside of my nostrils, tons of fingers in front of the lens, different funny faces, different drinks being consumed, etc. You get the idea.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bahamas photos

A sampling of photos from the Bahamas trip last week. There were many good ones so there will be more later.

The kids and the daddies watching a princess movie in the salon of the boat. They all seem to really be enjoying it!

My youngest niece preparing to be seasick. She did not actually get sick this day but both her and her sister were sick the first day unfortunately for them (and my sister in law who got puked on twice)

Bumblebee took this photo of us on the top deck of the boat while we were underway. Not too shabby!

Bumblebee being buried in the sand at Treasure Cay. The sand was wonderful...the texture of cornstarch.

Double A taking a self portrait with mommy's glasses and daddy's hat. There were several more with different facial expressions. She is the queen of the self portrait.

All four kids (mine and my two nieces) eating lunch on the back deck of the boat

The four of us on the beach at Green Turtle Cay

My mom and dad's boat we all stayed on while touring the Bahamas. All TEN of us!! The McBreak.

Bumblebee and mommy. Love this photo.

Double A suited up for the pool at West End, Grand Bahamas. She is a swimming fool this year. SOOO glad we did swim lessons.

Not a lot of time right now between vacations and WAY too many things I SHOULD be doing so not much narrative with this one...just a bunch of photos. The Bahamas were great and tons of fun! More later :)