Sunday, August 5, 2012

New addition

In February I saw a lump under some bushes in the neighbor's front yard. I went over to investigate and the neighbor came outside. She knew nothing about it and we ended up dragging a puppy out from under the bushes. She was terrified and filthy and covered in ticks. She was tiny and I put her in a cat kennel to take her to the pound. The pound would not take her because I found her in one town and they are in another town. The suggested our vet might do adoptions. Well, the vet was more than happy to check her out, give her shots and charge me $100 and send her home with me. We tried to find her a home but we had no takers. She is still with us by default. The last thing we needed was another dog in this house.

 When we got her she weighed 16 pounds and we figured she was about 4 months old. She gained 10 pounds in the first two weeks we had her. We named her Trace after the area we live in, by the Natchez Trace. Our other two dogs are named after the areas we lived in at the time we got them.

Louie fell in love right away. They love to wrestle and snuggle. Belle does not really like other dogs very much in her cranky old age. She mostly just spends her time baring her teeth and growling at Trace when she gets too close. This dog now weighs more than both of the other dogs. She is over 60 pounds and is not even a year old. She is exceptionally timid and it took her awhile to get used to us. She would just collapse she was so scared. Now she is scared of strangers- but only adults. She loves other animals and children. It looks like we are a three dog, two cat, two kid family. I have so said no more living things are allowed in the house!