Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apple Picking

Today the kids and I went with some friends to go apple picking. It turns out the orchard was actually a full fledged "fun farm" and we took advantage of all the fun we could stand.

There were pig races...

There were actual pigs doing the racing but this one was much cuter!

and punkin chunkin...

Husband #1 has wanted to see this sort of thing forever and he was not even with us! Those pumpkins shot about a half a mile!

It was a little boy's dream come true with tractors every where you looked!...

We even actually picked apples. Double A could not decide which she liked best...the Golden Delicious or the Jonathon!

We had a great time and even baked an apple cake with caramel sauce when we got home. We brought home over 12 pounds of apples so I imagine we will be baking some more apple goodies this week...anyone have any favorite recipes??

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We laugh in the face of PLANS!!!

This past weekend our plans went slightly awry. Husband #1, Double A, Bumblebee and myself were planning on driving to Mississippi on Thursday around 4:30 to see a home football game at the University of Southern Mississippi. Husband #1 had a rough day with patient issues and what not so he did not make it home until about 6:30 at which point we loaded up and left. We had planned on staying in a hotel anyway so no big deal for the few hour delay. Friday we got up and finished our drive to Laurel, MS to stay with Husband#1's parents. His brother also flew in from Pennsylvania for the game. We arrived at about 4pm and about 4 hours later Husband #1 gets a phone call that a 1 year old patient of his has been offered a liver and he must return to Missouri to put it in her. By the time it is all said and done and organized he has a 2:45 a.m. flight out of some tiny private airport in Hattiesburg. The transplant organizing agency has sent one of their jets to pick him up. I drove him the 40 minutes to get the plane and then drove back. It was a bummer but the rest of us went to the game anyway on Saturday. As we were entering the stadium to find our seats it began to rain and did not stop. We had ponchos and the kids did surprisingly well but by half time we were really wet and getting cold so we left. Ultimately our team lost. I had to go to bed quite early so I could function because I had basically been up the entire night before with small snippets of sleep. We woke up Sunday morning and were on the road by about and the two kids in the new truck. We got home about 8pm and Husband #1 called at 9:30 to say he had just finished helping on an adult liver and was eating and would be starting a kidney for this same adult. He did not get home until 2:30am Sunday night. Pretty crazy times. We plan to go to another home game next month. Hopefully things will go better!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lucky you guys...two posts in one day...this is for all of you diligent readers out there who check the blog multiple times per day just wishing on a prayer that I have posted. :) Hmmm...maybe I am just bored (and delusional) and really don't want to clean up my messy house.

Anyway, just some random thoughts and shots from the past few days.

We finally go the table/buffet thing in the kitchen. We purchased it back in the middle of May but it needed some gluing (very minor) and Husband #1 just got around to that this past weekend. Now it sits half full in our kitchen and tons of stuff is piled on the counter and on it. The problem with this whole idea is that there was more stuff on the old bakers rack that now does not have a home. Some of the stuff that went in the buffet came out of drawers and some stuff from cabinets went into those now empty drawers, etc and so on and so forth. However, we are still at a point where we have things with no homes...maybe one day they will find their way home. The good part was I got to go to The Container Store...I LOVE IT!!! I practically had to physically restrain myself from purchasing containers of all shapes and sizes. Shelves, orgainzers, storage stuff and more!

This is the other funny from this past weekend. It seems that Husband #1's truck was so dirty after two weeks of living at our house it needed washed. Funny how his last car (the malibu) went two years without being washed one time!!!

First Day of Preschool

Bumblebee started real big boy preschool on Monday. (meaning not his one day per week Parent's Day Out or his Speech Therapy preschool) After a short but much deliberated decision on my part I (I say I cuz Husband #1 had no opinion, really...and I asked) decided to send him to Emmanuel, where Double A went for preschool. I'll spare the details of why this was a's done now. He walked right in and went for the toys. When his teacher spoke to him he came running back and hid his face in my legs for a second until I told him to go play and he went back to the toys. He was so absorbed he refused to take a picture at school. He was eyeing the other kids so I think he was concerned if he took a picture they might snatch his toys from him. When I picked him up the teacher practically had to carry him off the playground because he did not want to leave and come with me.
This is before we left the house for his first day...This is his second his request to take a picture of his funny face...

Today is his second day and he told me he does not want to go to that school. When we got there he was just fine, though. He would not provide a reason why he did not want to go to this particular school. I think he was just being cranky.

He goes M-W-F. Mon and Wed are full days from 9-2:30 and Fri is a half day until 11:45. He will start individual speech therapy next week on Tues-Thur afternoons at 1:30 for 50 minutes each time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, it is official. Husband #1, Bumblebee and myself dropped Double A off at her first day of kindergarten today. I was cool as a cucumber and had the whole routine ready to get out the door on time. Husband #1 stayed home to go with us to school for the first day, which was great, except he throws off my whole routine. He asked what time we had to be there...I said 8:20 so at 7:50 he starts getting frantic and telling us we have go to go and made Bumblebee get up without finishing his breakfast :) While I was driving there we were discussing routes. He said one would be quicker so we went that way. He then asked what time we needed to be there...I again replied 8:20. At which point (it was 8:13) he said "oh, plenty of time, what are you so stressed about? Relax!" (thankfully he said this with the appropriate amount of chagrin) I don't know where the communication breakdown occurred but once we got it straightened out he calmed down and it was all very sweet.

Double A of course was so excited she was about to burst. We took a picture at home and then loaded up and took pics at school. She walked in the cubby room and put her backpack away, lunch box in it's spot and walked in. She had one moment where she looked slightly unsure but regrouped quickly and then there was no looking back. She did give her dad and I a hug and then we left.

So for those of you with money riding on the lost your bet...No tears anywhere!! I had one moment where if I thought about it much longer I would have started crying but I didn't let myself think much longer and off we went. Double A certainly did not cry...we'll see if she cries when I pick her up which would actually be more like her!



DOUBLE A WITH HER TEACHER, MONETTE - this is going to be hard for Husband #1 and Miss Monette, just Monette. We are so not in the South anymore :)