Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, it is official. Husband #1, Bumblebee and myself dropped Double A off at her first day of kindergarten today. I was cool as a cucumber and had the whole routine ready to get out the door on time. Husband #1 stayed home to go with us to school for the first day, which was great, except he throws off my whole routine. He asked what time we had to be there...I said 8:20 so at 7:50 he starts getting frantic and telling us we have go to go and made Bumblebee get up without finishing his breakfast :) While I was driving there we were discussing routes. He said one would be quicker so we went that way. He then asked what time we needed to be there...I again replied 8:20. At which point (it was 8:13) he said "oh, plenty of time, what are you so stressed about? Relax!" (thankfully he said this with the appropriate amount of chagrin) I don't know where the communication breakdown occurred but once we got it straightened out he calmed down and it was all very sweet.

Double A of course was so excited she was about to burst. We took a picture at home and then loaded up and took pics at school. She walked in the cubby room and put her backpack away, lunch box in it's spot and walked in. She had one moment where she looked slightly unsure but regrouped quickly and then there was no looking back. She did give her dad and I a hug and then we left.

So for those of you with money riding on the tears...you lost your bet...No tears anywhere!! I had one moment where if I thought about it much longer I would have started crying but I didn't let myself think much longer and off we went. Double A certainly did not cry...we'll see if she cries when I pick her up which would actually be more like her!



DOUBLE A WITH HER TEACHER, MONETTE - this is going to be hard for Husband #1 and I...no Miss Monette, just Monette. We are so not in the South anymore :)


tarab said...

"Monette." Are you kidding me? How about Ms. Smith? It's kindergarten for goodness sake!

MadMonkMcElroys said...

leave it to you, not to shed a tear, even when it's brewing. She looks just darling.

BTW even in the south, Big E calls his kindergarten teacher Mrs. Hall!

Lisha said...

SHe's such a big girl. I'll bet she has a boyfriend the fist day. How will Chris handle that? Do the kids call her "Monette" too?