Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Bumblebee started real big boy preschool on Monday. (meaning not his one day per week Parent's Day Out or his Speech Therapy preschool) After a short but much deliberated decision on my part I (I say I cuz Husband #1 had no opinion, really...and I asked) decided to send him to Emmanuel, where Double A went for preschool. I'll spare the details of why this was a's done now. He walked right in and went for the toys. When his teacher spoke to him he came running back and hid his face in my legs for a second until I told him to go play and he went back to the toys. He was so absorbed he refused to take a picture at school. He was eyeing the other kids so I think he was concerned if he took a picture they might snatch his toys from him. When I picked him up the teacher practically had to carry him off the playground because he did not want to leave and come with me.
This is before we left the house for his first day...This is his second his request to take a picture of his funny face...

Today is his second day and he told me he does not want to go to that school. When we got there he was just fine, though. He would not provide a reason why he did not want to go to this particular school. I think he was just being cranky.

He goes M-W-F. Mon and Wed are full days from 9-2:30 and Fri is a half day until 11:45. He will start individual speech therapy next week on Tues-Thur afternoons at 1:30 for 50 minutes each time.

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jessica said...

I just asked Dana yesterday if you chose Union or not. She didn't know. The hours are so much better at Emmanuel. And now you can come to the St. Louis Artist's Guild with us kid-free moms on the 24th...or are you out of town? :D