Thursday, December 3, 2009

Haircut or mugshot - you decide

So, I have been a lazy blogger recently. These pics actually happened several weeks ago but I did not post them because I wanted relatives to be surprised over Thanksgiving (and I was just kind of lazy and didn't get to it, plus 9 days of travel, etc).

Double A decided she wanted her hair cut short. She has been growing her bangs for about two years now and she wanted her hair as short as her bangs. I told her we would see what the hairdresser said as far as length with her curls. I really did not want her looking like Bozo the Clown if it got too short and curled up.

This first pic is not a great quality because I only had my crummy cell phone with me. However, it was an emotional moment for me so I really wanted a photo.

All the curls laying on the floor!!
These are the after shots:

It really is a cute style and the stylist did a great job. It is still pretty curly and to be honest might even look better because it does not have all that scraggly length to it anymore. I worried how Double A would feel because her hair has always gotten her so much attention. I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. Then I said "all your curls are gone!" and she said "I know, that is what I wanted." Well, maybe she did not like the curls as much as I thought she did!