Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double A celebrates 7!!!

I am not sure how this happened. Where did the time go? It just does not seem possible. My sweet baby girl with the big blue eyes, kissable dimples and golden ringlets turns 7 years old today. Something about 7 just seems older.

In the last 7 years I have noticed there have been milestone birthdays. Obviously 1 year old is a big marker in a baby's life. Five hit me kind of hard because it seemed like a move from toddler/preschooler to "kid." For some reason I was okay with 6 even though that marked the year she started Kindergarten. However, 7 years old seems like a huge change. She will be starting first grade the end of this month. Husband #1 and I have both noticed changes in her from going from a little kid to a new thing we have not yet dealt with :) Others notice it, too. She has grown taller obviously but it is more than that, something about her manner. She seems a little more poised, her thought processes have changed, her knowledge base has changed; it is hard to put your finger on. It will be exciting to continue to watch these changes and growth in her as she matures even more.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Double A!

We have quite the birthday extravaganza planned but more on that later (if I survive!) In the meantime check out these photos of the past 7 years.

one day old

six months old

one year old

two years old

two years old

three years old

four years old

five years old

six years old

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back Porch Paintin'

Soooo, we have been diligently painting our back porch, a project long overdue (like most of our projects!). I did most of the scraping and painting but Husband #1 helped a fair bit when he was home and the kids even did a little bit. However, keeping them from helping was the bigger challenge. Just too worried about slopped paint everywhere.

scraping paint off the door to the garage
painting the porch steps while detached

I think the project is mostly done now. We just have to paint the porch floor. I think we will go with some kind of light khaki/sand type color. I scraped the big chunks of paint off before we started painting. Husband #1 took off the steps and replaced some rotten floor board sections. This also led to replacing some rotten floor joists and installing some additional lag screws for support. Much sturdier now.

The pictures in white are the "before" pics and the brown are the "after" pics but, by golly, I would have hoped you could tell that on your own!!
Notice the missing ends of some of the floor boards...just rotted out!

We even did the back door and window to the garage. Everything looks so much better. At least the temperature was lovely this past week or two that I have been working on this project. Only problem has been that every time I paint it starts to rain before it is all dry!

Well, it is done now and off to another one of the many projects on our list. I think the kids are finally to an age where I can get some stuff done while they are around and don't need my constant supervision. Problem with that is I don't have that as an excuse anymore!

Monday, July 20, 2009

What a busy weekend

We had a fun but busy weekend. Friday evening Double A had a horse show. She did a fantastic job and did not seem too nervous this time. She got three ribbons in her three competitions: 6th, 3rd and 2nd place. She had fun and then afterwards we went to dinner and picked up some things at Lowe's. This is a picture of her doing Simon Says on Zema. He other two events she rode Trucker.

Saturday we finished painting our porch (pictures of that in another post) and I ran some errands to get ready for our party on Sunday. Midday we all went to a surgery picnic at a local park. There were tons of things for the kids such a petting zoo, spin art, balloon animal clown and face painting. The kids each selected their own face design. BumbleBee was very proud of his Spiderman and Double A looked lovely in her butterfly art. In this picture we were trying to get BumbleBee to do the Spidey hands but he didn't really understand :) so he got them backwards.

Sunday we finished getting the house and yard ready for our BBQ. Husband #1 had several people over from his lab. We had a great time and the backyard was lovely. We don't have any pictures from the actual party but here is a picture of my clematis vine which has finally started climbing and blooming. Husband #1 built these trellis things next to the patio and we planted these vines.

I was exhausted by the end of the weekend. We felt good because we got so much done and had fun activities, too. I REALLY did not want to get out of bed this morning. Went to the gym and my trainer "woke me up." UGH! We'll see if I can move tomorrow :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

out of the mouth of BumbleBee

"I cannot get my foot to stop taking a rest." When his foot had fallen asleep.

"My eyes won't let me keep them open." When riding in the truck. I told him it was okay to close them and within seconds he was asleep.

"Because I am four and a half!" When asked "How did you get so strong/fast/smart/whatever?"

"I have really bad news!" When he had gotten a papercut and was going to let us know.

"You are the best mom in the whole world."