Saturday, September 19, 2009

Double A's horse show

What a busy weekend and it is only Saturday! Double A had another horse show today. She competed in Musical Stalls and Little Squirts walk trot trail (obstacle course on the horse). She placed 2nd in musical stalls and 4th in walk trot trail. She did well. She had a little trouble with the trail course with getting her horse to "listen." It seems the other girls had trouble too so no worries. Double A tends to get discouraged easily when her horse does not behave on the first attempt. We are working on that.

We are quite proud of her today and she is proud of herself, also. Bumblebee spent the four hours catching grasshoppers, crickets and caterpillars and basically just getting very dirty!

Apple Picking!!

The kids had off school Friday for teacher conference day so we went to a local farm with some friends to go apple picking. We have been to this farm last year, also. There are rides, shows, play areas, petting zoo, etc for the kids to do. It was tons of fun and we came home with almost 20 pounds of apples! I plan on making applesauce and freezing it and I have a great recipe for a really light and yummy apple crisp.
I thought this was too cute!!
Bumblebee and his friend trying to get almost 50 pounds of apples around the farm on a wagon

Double A showing off the produce while sampling another!

Finally a photo of me on this blog! Yes, I do exist!! On our way out to the apple fields

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spaghetti day

My first grader came home from school and told me they had spaghetti for lunch. An hour or so later she then told me it was Spaghetti Day at school. I told her she already told me they had it for lunch. She then said, "yeah, but it was spaghetti day all day. We read books about spaghetti." Okay, whatever. Another hour or two passed and she informed me her teacher had them "throw spaghetti noodles against the wall to test to see if they were done and one boy actually got his on the ceiling!" WHAT??!!
me - "Why would you do this, Double A?"
AA - "My teacher told me to!!"
me - "yes, but why?"
AA - "to see if they were done."
me - "were you in the lunch room?"
AA - "no, in the classroom."

I still have no idea what this was supposed to teach the class. Why would you encourage children to throw spaghetti on the wall??

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

oh my

Today I asked Double A if she had a cup anywhere to use for dinner. She looked around where she was sitting and said "Not a single one in sight, giirrlll." It was shocking yet hilarious at the same time.

Just a bit later I was in the kitchen with Bumblebee. He told me this: "Mom, when I get older, like 14, a teenager, and I play in some little football game and win a trophy...I am going to give it to you." How sweet is that?!

So, do you see what I am dealing with here as far as different personalities??