Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spaghetti day

My first grader came home from school and told me they had spaghetti for lunch. An hour or so later she then told me it was Spaghetti Day at school. I told her she already told me they had it for lunch. She then said, "yeah, but it was spaghetti day all day. We read books about spaghetti." Okay, whatever. Another hour or two passed and she informed me her teacher had them "throw spaghetti noodles against the wall to test to see if they were done and one boy actually got his on the ceiling!" WHAT??!!
me - "Why would you do this, Double A?"
AA - "My teacher told me to!!"
me - "yes, but why?"
AA - "to see if they were done."
me - "were you in the lunch room?"
AA - "no, in the classroom."

I still have no idea what this was supposed to teach the class. Why would you encourage children to throw spaghetti on the wall??

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holly said...

Too funny! My mom actually taught me that trick when I was growing up - I haven't thought about that in years and can still see the noodles sticking to the ceiling, much to her chagrin. Be sure to check your ceilings and walls next time you make spaghetti!