Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lucky you guys...two posts in one day...this is for all of you diligent readers out there who check the blog multiple times per day just wishing on a prayer that I have posted. :) Hmmm...maybe I am just bored (and delusional) and really don't want to clean up my messy house.

Anyway, just some random thoughts and shots from the past few days.

We finally go the table/buffet thing in the kitchen. We purchased it back in the middle of May but it needed some gluing (very minor) and Husband #1 just got around to that this past weekend. Now it sits half full in our kitchen and tons of stuff is piled on the counter and on it. The problem with this whole idea is that there was more stuff on the old bakers rack that now does not have a home. Some of the stuff that went in the buffet came out of drawers and some stuff from cabinets went into those now empty drawers, etc and so on and so forth. However, we are still at a point where we have things with no homes...maybe one day they will find their way home. The good part was I got to go to The Container Store...I LOVE IT!!! I practically had to physically restrain myself from purchasing containers of all shapes and sizes. Shelves, orgainzers, storage stuff and more!

This is the other funny from this past weekend. It seems that Husband #1's truck was so dirty after two weeks of living at our house it needed washed. Funny how his last car (the malibu) went two years without being washed one time!!!


tarab said...

first, you need more pictures of new furniture - duh! It looks really cute. Second, there's this comedy show from 1989 with a truck washing joke that goes something like this (punch line only) country accent here- get me some towels and a bucket of hot water. Is she gonna have the baby here? Naw, we're gonna wash the truck and take her to town.

MadMonkMcElroys said...

We've washed the Jeep oh, about 4 times and WAXED it before the beach. The accent . . . was it ever washed?? and Waxed . . . Pah-leese

Love the new buffet!

Cute Joke TaraB!