Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Partyin' Bahamian Style

Oh! What a night this was. None of these pictures represent our most photogenic faces but really, none of us cared too much! I think this night even included a wardrobe change for some of us.

Husband #1 appreciating the "nose" and "bouquet" of his bahamian beer, Kalik.

teaching my dad drinking games from college. Anyone remember "one up, one down?" or "I'm going camping?"

R, lovin' his wine

T & T - not really sure how we even managed this one!

T and I did not recall we even drank pineapple juice and coconut rum this night until we saw the pics later!

I am not sure what was happening here!
There are more that involve the inside of my nostrils, tons of fingers in front of the lens, different funny faces, different drinks being consumed, etc. You get the idea.

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