Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore!

Last weekend we traveled to the Southern Miss/Kansas game in Lawrence, Kansas. We picked the kids up from school and traveled about 5 hours and stayed in a hotel that night. When we woke up and dressed in our game clothes, we were the only Southern Miss fans in the hotel! It was a pretty good game except we ended up losing. Close game, though. The kids were okay for most of it but then got pretty bored. Double A started not feeling well. We drove home after the game and she was whiny and sick. Sunday she had 102 fever and stayed home from school Monday. I then got whatever she had. I spent Wednesday in bed with slight fever and hacking cough. I still have the hacking cough and scratchy deep voice. Husband #1 has been battling it but winning and Bumblebee seems to have missed it altogether, thankfully.

Self portrait before the game

Before the game in the stands...Bumblebee wouldn't cooperate for the pic

Bumblebee loves his cotton candy!!

This is how she spent the second half of the game...not feeling well.

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Kristin said...

Looks like our game pics, same colors and all! Bummer you have all been sick.