Saturday, October 17, 2009

Puppy Daze

This post is a little late but keep reading and you will see why!!

Here is the news update on the new little guy at our house. It all started when I had Belle at the vet and they had 6 week old puppies for adoption. I told Husband #1 and to my complete surprise he agreed to go see them! Then we decided to look all over if we were looking. We found this little guy at the Humane Society. We tried to bring him home that Saturday but as we were doing the paperwork he had some diarrhea and a temperature so they kept him until he coud be cleared medically. I went back to pick him up that Wednesday. He is about 3 months old. They say he is a mix of Treeing Walker Coonhound and American Bulldog. He definitely has some kind of hound with his ears and he does try to howl. The saggy face and eyes and squat nose seems to be where they think bulldog. I guess we will see as he grows what he looks like. Yes, he does have big paws. It has been estimated he will be about 60 pounds. We'll see.

His name is Louie. Our current dog, Belle, is 10 years old and was named for the area of Nashville where we lived at the time, Bellevue. So sticking with the theme, Louie is named for St. Louis!

Belle was not too happy but is coming around to the idea. She has put Louie in his place with snarling and growling and is teaching him she is dominant. She has also started playing with him, which is so cute, like in the picture below.
The kids are pretty excited. They want Louie to be on their bed while we are reading bedtime stories.
Double A seems to think Louie's legs don't work. She carries him everywhere and really wants him to sleep with her. I told her she has to wait until she is potty trained. She has been doing very well with the training sessions and commands.Everyone likes to snuggle with Louie. He has gotten to the point that he automatically sits on someone's lap if available. He is very cuddly.

Unfortunately we have had our first major mishap with Louie which brings me to the portion of this post on explaining why it has been delayed.

Louie ate my laptop.

A new keyboard is on order so I am currently typing without those keys. More challenging than I anticipated. Who knew you used B, N and L this much?! I have gotten a replacement power cord. It was actually smoking when I pulled it out of Louie's mouth. He didn't seem harmed, though.
Potty training is going fairly well. It has been monsooning here so sometimes he does not like to go out. When it is dry he LOVES beig outside. He does wake up earlier than I want, but then again I am pretty grumpy in the mornings anyway. It realy is like having a baby. Except when I leave the house I can lock him in a kennel! Overall, it has been a good decision and he has been a good dog in the first week and a half.


Karen said...

Oh, he is pretty stinkin' cute!!! Except for the laptop thing. Well, I guess it's a good thing he has such an adorable face! Looks like a real sweetie. And, I love the name. I had no idea that's where Belle got her name!

holly said...

Very cute! I love that they carry him around. As I've mentioned we are getting a puppy in June - her name will be "Nash" in honor of our time in Nashville - we've had that picked out for years! Great minds think alike - I may have to steal "Louie" if we decide on two! :)

tarab said...

VayVay did the same thing to our old laptop, minus chewing the powercord. Those letters really are important... Maybe I should have gotten a kennel for her? haha. Maybe I'll post a pic of our new pet...