Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas update

Well, it has been about a month since I last posted. Not coincidentally, this coincides with the last time I felt like I was ahead of the game in my life. December was a rough month. Nothing bad happened (thankfully) I was just scattered, stressed and behind in everything I wanted to get done. So, December is over and I have spent this week regrouping and formulating my 2010 plan :) Well, that is until today when we had a very unexpected snow day. Still not sure if we will have another tomorrow. It snowed about 4 inches last night. However, tomorrow the high is supposed to be 8 and the low -2. I REALLY am not looking forward to getting out in that.
Here are some photos from our Christmas.

I love those pure Christmas joy photos!!!

Bumblebee got a real video camera and was ecstatic. He immediately asked to put it on our tripod and then became the videographer of the day. He was very cute with dragging the tripod around and adjusting the height and even kneeling down to look through the camera. He told us "I am the best photographer because I can take movies and pictures."This is what it looks like when your moody "7 going on 13 year old" does not get something she wants in her current gift box. She had accidentally opened a Nintendo DS game but did not have a Nintendo DS. She figured she was getting one so tore through the next several gifts until she found it - this wasn't it!This is how the same moody girl can look when she gets something she likes. This was from our second Christmas celebration on Dec 28 with Husband #1's parents. She was opening a watch from her Greatmother R.

I got a fancy new camera for Christmas. This is me beginning to read the huge manual while Husband #1 is taking my picture (repeatedly) with the new camera.Christmas was pretty cold (not as cold as it is now, though!) - in the twenties and had been rainy which turned to snow on Christmas day. Bumblebee got his first two wheeler bike from Santa and bundled up to go out and ride it. It didn't last long since it was cold and wet.

Grandma (my mom) and Bumblebee.

Christmas was wonderful and we were all excited to have my parents visit for Christmas and then have Husband #1's parents visit for several days the week after Christmas. The two week "Winter Break" went super fast but the kids (and me) were glad to get back to school this week.

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tarab said...

oh lawdy, all I can say is "ditto" -- I am only now checking in on my friends, but have not blogged for myself. I did get a couple of good laughs -- thanks for that!!