Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bahamas 2010

I still don't have my other camera downloaded nor do I have photos from my sister in law but thought I would post a few of what I do have so far. We skipped the last day of school and flew to Nassau, Bahamas. From there we cruised for 11 days through the Bahamas on my parent's boat with them and my brother and his wife and two daughters. All ten of us on one boat for 11 days...I think it went pretty well!!! No one got thrown overboard! It was so beautiful and we had so much fun basically just swimming and beaching. Some islands had no buildings, some had a couple and one had a few more residents and an air strip.

First day - reunited with the cousins!

on the back deck one night

My sister in law and I still on the back deck!

On Fowl Cay where we took a water taxi for our only "fancy" dinner the whole trip. Lovely place.

If you look at the rope here...well, let's just say this did not end well for me.

Me and Husband#1 and Double A at Highbourne Cay...a private island with a marina and a store.

Me and my momma

Husband #1, me and Bumblebee taking a dinghy ride. The water was so clear everywhere you could see very deep...amazing sea life!

Husband #1 getting paddled around by Bumblebee in the kayak


tarab said...

wasn't there a pringles duck-lip picture last year too? And where was the Filet-o-Fish?

MadMonkMcElroys said...

I'm still cringing from the rope picture!