Monday, April 28, 2008


Last Thursday Huusband #1 and I went to the Jimmy Buffett concert. We went with several other friends and we all tailgated beforehand in the parking lot. We certainly weren't as nuts as some parrothead set ups but I thought we did pretty good. Husband #1 barely made it as he was out on an organ harvest but choppered in just in time! For some reason (we weren't even drinking) we decided it would befunny to call people we knew during the concert (even though we could not hear them) and let them listen to the music also. I am SURE those people sincerely appreciate our efforts to include them in our Parrothead experience! :) Here are a couple pics from our evening.


Lisha said...

Well, aren't we Mr Hot Shot surgeon??HAHA Too cool. Love the video too. You guys look great. Wish I could see you in real life.

Rainy Kate said...

I enjoyed the call, personally. It was a big moment for me. ;)