Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yard Demo in full swing

Well, we have been trying to get someone out to work on our yard since before Christmas. FINALLY some work started today! A brief history...our yard is horrible in appearance and it also floods when it rains even a little. This water is pooling by the house and is now flooding our basement. We are hoping this project will direct the water away from the house and make it prettier and more appealing to spend time in our yard. Basically they are ripping every thing out including the patio and sidewalks, one tree and tons of dirt. They will be adding in a different patio after boosting the levels and then we will get sod adn shrubberies. Today was quite the excitement with the Bobcat running all over the place!

#1 - Standing on the back porch looking to the right half towards the back fence. We will be svaing the pavers and using them along the back fence for Belle to run on behind the shrubberies.

#2 - Standing in the back left corner looking along the back fence towards the right corner. Where the pavers will go for Belle to run on.

#3 - Standing in the same back corner looking toward the house across the yard. That closest is the one that is coming out.

See #1 above - standing on back porch looking towards right.

see #2 above - along the back fence shot

See #3 above - standing in back corner looking across whole yard. See stump in foreground.
Gotta run, I have two very muddy children that need bathed desperately!


Rainy Kate said...

That mud looks like a heaven for boys like B.

Welcome to the blogosphere.

Rainy Kate said...

This is Katie, by the way.