Friday, April 18, 2008


I have started this blog...finally...after debating it for some time. I am not sure why I delayed, mostly just time, I guess. I hope this will be a way for friends and family to keep up with us and the craziness of our lives. Sad excuse for me to invite you here instead of actually communicating proactively with you! Bookmark us if you want to see more about me, the kids, hubby and the boring and dramatic parts of our lives! Let me introduce you to the cast of players:

Man I married, father of my kids and Best Husband Ever (he picked that!) - Husband #1

First Born Child, daughter and Drama Queen in Training - Double A

Second Born Child, son, and the "strong silent type" - BumbleBee



Tatiana said...

I can´t believe how big the kids are... everyone looks great!! We are in Spain for a year and really enjoying it. We will be back in TN in Aug 08. Miss you... Tatiana

Lisha said...

You are too funny. I'll be checking in often. I have a blog, but posting is sporadic. Can't get motivated. Take care. Glue everything down. We're from the south. We don't do earthquakes. What's up with that?

tarab said...

thought I'd check on YOUR progress and just reread this first post - "husband #1", I like that. You should post pic of who might be husband #2. haha- too funny.