Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're the family who always does good things

So this afternoon in the bathtub I noticed Double A had a bruise on her shoulder (among two skinned knees and various other scrape and bangs...Spring is here!) I asked how she got it and she told me a story about how her friend at school told her it would be a good idea to go into some small hole in the play equipment on the playground. She got partially stuck and bonked her shoulder. In her 5 year old wisdom she then informed me "it was not a good idea!" That prompted me to launch into a peer pressure teaching moment on how just because your friend says it is a good idea you should always think it through and decide for yourself. I then spoke on how this goes for climbing in holes, smoking cigarettes, etc. This went back and forth as I belabored the point and she fianlly said "Yeah, because we are the family who always does good things!" I cracked up at that point and really couldn't top that so just finished the bath.


tarab said...

that's better than the rolling of the eyes! just wait.

TMA said...

oh, i already get plenty of that but still, I feel a little hypocritical when reprimanding her for it since that is likely what she sees form me all day!!

Rainy Kate said...

This is fantastic. She's gonna be a handful