Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

Well, Friday was my birthday. It is official. I am now in my mid thirties. However, I emphasized to Husband #1...He will always be older than me (by two months and ten days!). I have no pictures to commemorate the day but it was lovely nonetheless. The kids and I hung with some friends at a local coffee shop that has a play area inside for the kids. I then spent the afternoon on the phone with various friends and family.

Husband #1 came home with a bottle of champagne that we drank while we got ready to leave for dinner and for the sitter to arrive. He almost wasn't able to go to dinner due to a transplant and liver resection during the day and then another transplant for 9pm that night. His coworker agreed to come in and do the case for him so he would not have to leave dinner and go back to the hospital. Thanks Jeff!!

We went to dinner at a Spanish tapas place. It was super yummy and we had fun ordering MANY things off the menu but not eating a ton of food. After that we went to a decadent chocolate bar for chocolate martinis and a banana split.

Of course we were home by 10pm when the storm started and had both kids screaming within 10 minutes. So the rest of the night went like this...both kids in bed with us due to hail and thundering. Took both kids back to bed after about an hour. Bumblebee ended back with us at some point. Took Bumblebee back to bed some time later at which point Double A joined us for the rest of the night. Take all that peppered with several phone calls and pages from the hospital and we are all tired today. Husband #1 had to get up and leave for the airport to go to Toronto for a medical conference so at least he gets to nap on the plane :)

So last Monday we went to get my birthday present at Gringo Jones which is a cross between a junk store and an import store. I specifically wanted a blown glass bowl/plate thing they have there. We are going to hang it on our back porch. We also got a wrought iron fleur de lis to hang on the empty spot of brick wall by the patio. We found a cool piece of furniture for the kitchen that needs just a touch of gluing and will give us some extra storage and such. Husband #1 was "project-ed out" by the time these purchases were made so nothing is hung or glued just yet but it will be and I will post finished pics then. For now here is a pic of the bowl just sitting on our floor for the picture. I kind of have a "thing" for art glass pieces which Husband #1 calls "blown glass."

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Lisha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!. I have been thinking about you this week. I have your b-day written on my calendar. Sounds like a fun night. Those transplant things just get in the way sometime. Don't they know whose day it was? Love the glass bowl.