Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Completion! And we LOVE it!

Well, the yard has actually been done for just over a week but I have been way too lazy to post any pictures of it. I have also been way too busy enjoying it to post any pictures of it. The kids are out there almost every day. Husband #1 and I are out there almost every day. We also worked on the back porch so we have been enjoying that also. We are very pleased with the plants and the grass and the layout and pretty much everything. We keep marveling at how wonderful it is out there now. We have eaten dinner outside almost everyday since it has been finished and Husband #1 says we have used more propane for grilling in the last two weeks than we have in the two years we have lived here! These shots are from the same angles as the "before" shots in the first yard post.
  • #1 Standing on the back porch looking to the rear right corner of the yard. The foreground is where the pavers used to be for the old patio.
  • #2 Standing in the back right corner looking across the back fence towards the left rear corner. The pavers have been laid along the back fence for Belle to run along.
  • #3 Standing in the rear right corner looking towards the house. The back porch needs painted still but we took the door and windows off and it has made a HUGE difference. We actually have room on the patio for the grill, the firepit and the patio table with tons leftover.
It is kind of hard to get the whole picture in these photos but it is drastically different and improved. We have tried to use as many "southern" plantings as would live here. Sadly no gardenias or camellias. We have several hydrangeas (my favorite) and will be selecting some unique and interesting daylilies to plant ourselves. We have a red dogwood, forest pansy redbud, crepe myrtle, hostas and some things new to us such as two different varieties of Viburnum and a Nine Bark.
We would love to have anyone come visit and enjoy the yard in person with us!

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Lisha said...

Very nice and inviting. Looks great.