Sunday, May 18, 2008

A great weekend

This weekend was finally warm and sunny after a week or so of rain and mid 50's temps. We spent Saturday outside doing various projects. Husband #1 presure washed the patio furniture and the front stoop and other concrete to get it looking as nice as the new patio. He then waterproofed the front stoop in another effort to stop the water from coming into the cellar. My project was cleaning the back porch. We ended up taking off the old windows and now we have a open air porch. I scraped the peeling paint and scrubbed the walls and floor in an effort to prepare it for being painted (hopefully soon). Husband #1 and I rewarded ourselves with a cocktail by the fire pit on our new patio. It was wonderful

Today Husband #1 spent the day gluing various broken toys of the kids, doing odds and ends of organizing in the basement, and vacuuming the house. Meanwhile I spent the enitre day apinting the guest bedroom. I had started aboout two weeks ago and finished up the first phase today. The vertical walls are now all a light olive green color. The next phase will be painting the slanted walls and ceiling a light cream and the trim a white. That room was so gross from those who came before us it looks better already.

We went to dinner with some work colleagues friday night at a very nice Italian restaurant but the rest of the weekend we grilled burgers and shrimp. They both turned out great and we ate on the new patio!

The landscaper came by and we finalized the plans for plant choices and placement. If the weather holds out we will be finished MONDAY!! I will finally be able to post some pictures of the completed project :) it looks so much better already but we have not had a fence for several weeks now. Surprisingly Belle just hangs out in the backyard. I guess she knows she's got a good thing going!

Overall it was very lovely and productive weekend. This week will be the last week of school for Double A for the summer. Bumblebee will attend his speech program for two months this summer so he does not backslide and then Double A starts Kindergarten September 2nd!! I'll close this random rambling post with a preview of the final project. This is what the patio looks like from the back corner of the yard. This was taken about two weeks ago, right after the patio was completed.


Lisha said...

Awesome patio and bathroom. I am impressed. You are too funny. I miss you guys. What's a cellar? HAHA By the way it's been in the upper 80's here and humid.

tarab said...

Looks super!!! oh, and thanks for picturing me on your blog!