Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

My Mother's Day surprise actually happened a few weeks ago. I went out of town to do this:

(a girl's weekend of scrapbooking in North Carolina.)

Husband #1 stayed home with the kids all weekend. Much to my surprise he did this:

and this:He painted the downstairs bathroom walls and trim, installed new light fixtures, a towel hook, hung a picture we had waiting, printed two pictures in black and white (shocking for him) and bought frames and hung them and bought a candle!! It looks FABULOUS!! Makes me think maybe I should go out of town more often. He says no! ****(for those of you not familiar with our house - it is 72 years old and the teal and peach and orange tile are original and not our selections! That is why we went with white for trim and walls. Really, what color can you add to THAT!!??)****

Today husband #1 is at work and the kids are trying hard to behave. Double A is very worried she will misbehave and keeps telling me she loves me and then says "if I accidentally hit Bumblebee will that be okay?" or "if I forget and don't act good, that's okay, right?"

At school Double A made this for me:

Click on it to make it larger and read the words. She actually did a pretty good job with accurate answers! She also made this:

So, today it is raining (again/still) and the high is only going to be 55!! What is wrong with this place??!! It is the middle of May!! Anyway, the kids are dragging out everything they own to make a bus or some such thing because we have ben trapped in the house for a week with cold and rain. Maybe I will go sit in my newly redone bathroom and bask in its beauty. Happy Mother's Day to me (and all of you mother's out there reading this!)

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