Sunday, May 4, 2008

Harvey Rocks!!

Harvey is our concrete guy. I appreciate him immensely because he is doing a great job. But more improtantly he is doing a great job because it is important to him, not because he has to or wants to get paid, etc. But because that is the way you are supposed to do things. Like my Dad has always said "If it is a job worth doing, it is a job worth doing right." Harvey must live by this saying also. If anyone lives in the St. Louis area and needs concrete work, I highly recommend me for his info!

It stayed dry enough for them to lay concrete on Saturday!!! It was chilly (mid 50's) and overcast but they got it done! I have included some in progress pitures here. Finished pictures will be later since we could not get out there until later today and walk on it so no pics yet. Harvey is the one in the gray sweatshirt with the smoothing thing on the red pole. All the guys were great and hard workers, seemingly with a nice attention to detail.

Tell you what...I do not envy concrete workers. Their backs must be killing them after working all day bent over shoveling wet concrete or smoothing or putting those grooves in or whatever.

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tarab said...

If only everyone worked by that motto. Can you even imagine what a wonderful world this would be? oh, now I'm sounding like a song...