Monday, July 21, 2008

Images of Demolition

Demo has been coming along and allegedly recontruction but that seems to be more intangible progress at this point. I have a few images here for you.

This is the original for sale sign from the man who built and lived in our house until his death. His name was Ray Seger. We have pictures from when he was building the house and the final one has the for sale sign so we know this exact one was not from our house (at least not at that point). We do know he built the house across the street so maybe this was from that house. It is very similar to the one that is in the pics of our house. I love the phone number! Our builder found it nailed face down in the attic for makeshift flooring. It is very thick and in pretty good condition so we will likley hang it on our wall somewhere when construction is done.
This is kind of hard to see but Ray loved to sign and date all of his home improvement work. (I LOVE THAT!) The cabinets in our basement have also been dated. We found this name, date and age underneath the vanity on the sub floor. At age 73 Ray felt it necessary to add a second bathroom onto his house. He also signed the shower base. The vanity was 2-20-78 and the shower base was 12-13-77. Guess the bathroom was a few month long project! Hopefully the remodel will not be the same.
This is a shot of the exhaust fan/light/heater in the ceiling. Wow! 30 years of dust and crap really don't look that great. Let that be a lesson to ya'll...clean out your exhaust fan housings every decade or so! Chris always said he was worried it would catch fire if we used the heater. The thing worked great, though! This also shows the tile was indeed on the ceiling, too! I wouldn't lie about this stuff :)

The builder is threatening a 12 hour day tomorrow (I am not holding my breath) so maybe there will be actual construction photos soon!

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There is a show on a cable channel called "If Walls Could Talk". Yours do apparently. :D