Thursday, July 17, 2008

Independence Day

We went on another trip over the week of July 4th. We spent a few days in Mississippi at Husband #1's parents and then stopped to see his grandparents on our way to Florida. We spent the second half of the week in Destin and spent the enitre Fourth on my parent's boat in the bay. We stayed out to watch the wonderful Destin fireworks from the bow of the boat. The kids loved it. Bumblebee did not like the noise so he put my hands over his ears and held them there but loved to watch the fireworks.
This photo shows Bumblebee's first "catch". We got the kids rods and reels and let them fish off the pier in the back of the house. Double A was actually quite good at casting. Bumblebee didn't cast as well but he did get the only catch of the oyster! We all agreed it was much harder to catch an oyster than a fish! :)
This is July Fourth and the "big" fireworks had not started yet but some individuals were setting off thier own. Bumblebee did not want me to miss a single one so he grabbed my neck and kept pointing me in the right direction.
This photo turned out surprisingly well considering I took it in the pitch dark and I couldn't even see that Tammi wasn't there! Sorry Tammi! Thank goodness for the red eye pre flash thing which got everyone to look and allowed me a split second to line it up.

We had a nice time but had to leave Saturday July 5th to begin our long trek home. We stayed somewhere in Mississippi that night and finished the trip on Sunday. The sad part about it is that Saturday the 5th was our 11th anniversary and we spent it driving, stopping every 30 minutes to let Bumblebee pee (once on the side of the road) and spending about 9 hours in some random, but very nice, hotel in the middle of nowhere Mississippi. We did treat ourselves (and the kids) to dinner at Crescent City Grill in Hattiesburg on our way through town. And note to ourselves...don't stop at Lambert's "Home of the Throwed Roll" on Sunday around lunchtime. The wait was almost 2 hours and when we decided not to wait the kids were distraught over the fact we could not eat in a restaurant where they actually throw food at you. There's always next trip...or pretty much any meal at home!


Me said...

That sounds like a nice trip. Lamberts is a fun place to eat. I've only been later on a Friday night though so there wasn't much of a wait.

Thank you for dropping that book at my house. I've started it and hope that it gets better. Reading about old people in nursing homes reminiscing about the good ole days is kind of a downer for me. D:

Robert said...

Thanks for stopping by the Crescent City Grill. I hope to see you again, soon.


Robert St.John

Robert said...

oops! Wrong address.