Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So proud of our guy

** I really tried to post this yesterday but life did not cooperate so imagine as you read that it is Monday July 7th. I figured my three readers would be forgiving.**

Husband #1 started his FIRST REAL JOB today!!!! That is kind of our joke but it is true that he FINALLY FINISHED his training. We are so excited!! He has his own office complete with nice, real office furniture, new paint, new carpet and a brand new computer with two huge monitors. We have gotten all of his diplomas, certificates and awards framed and are ready to hang. I really wanted to take a picture of him as he left for work after loading his car with his framed items and some books and such. He refused. I was going to take one anyway but he would not stand still long enough.

I know he is excited to embark on this newest chapter of his hard earned career; and we are excited for him. I like to see him finally feel some freedom and try to adjust to this new way of life for him. Especially hard since he is basically staying in the same job, the title and salary are just changing. He has worked so hard and so long for this and it is very nice to see it come to fruition.

For those of you in the know about his schedule...I am not expecting huge changes. So far he has not had to go in as early as he used to but that will be dependent on his scedule for that day. He has the July call schedule and he has off EVERY weekend in July. This has NEVER happened...EVER!! We'll see if it pans out :)

Anyway, it has been 13 years since college and we are all so proud of our guy getting his first real job :) hee hee!! I have already cautioned him about trading me in for a trophy wife now that he has finished his training!!


Rainy Kate said...

Yay Big Bro!

Lisha said...

Congratulations!! That's awesome.

tarab said...

Awesome! Isn't it funny how we get excited about the first "real" job while most people at this point are getting excited about another promotion, etc. Hope his Nov schedule is as super as that July one!!

cherrystones said...

So happy for all of you! Congratulations!!!!