Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bathroom Glory!

The bathroom is done! Finally! Husband #1 and I LOVE it! It is so nice. We did not go over the top as it would have looked odd with the rest of our house but al,most anything would have been an improvement and we are very pleased with the way it turned out. The walls are just primed right now and we will be painting them a light cream color but other than that...it is complete. Hopefully those of you who have not come to visit due to fear and hatred of our disgusting bathroom will once again return to visit us!

The large white square with the small rectangle above it is our new cabinet and drawer. Towels, TP and other storage!! Just above that is our new air vent for heating and cooling in the bathroom. The other vent is an intake vent and the small white panel is an access panel for the water shut off.
New light fixture and medicine cabinet. The cabinet is all mirrored on the inside so when you open it you are practically blinded when the light reflects.

New faucet and vanity. The wood is dark brown "espresso" and not black as it seems. I even got new towels which are super soft! I did refrain from purchasing the $70 towel. Not sure how they were so different that they needed to be so expensive!

Love the new shower head. It is also nice to be able to stand in the middle of the shower instead of before when you had to be smashed up against the door because the shower head would not move anywhere else. They handle is cool, too. You turn the water pressure with the big knob and then the temp with the small handle on top of the big one (can't really see from this pic).

Come shower in our new bathroom if you want!! We have actually already had house guests...the first day it was operational. they don't know how lucky they were...they never saw the old bathroom :)

Well, enough for now. I just got back last night from a Creative Memories convention and am still wiped out and trying to get life back on track. Pics of that later!

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Lisha said...

It's beautiful!