Thursday, August 7, 2008

The things she says!!

Well, I took Double A school clothes shopping, just us girls. I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate her starting "real school" - Kindergarten! That and she has just shot up and nothing fits from last year! She really seemed to enjoy herself and would try the clothes on in the drressing room and then stand in a variety of poses admiring herself. I kept having to tell her to stand still so I could see if they actually fit. She looked at herself and said to me "I am going to have the best clothes at New City School!" I am sure she meant that in a totally non-materialtistic way :)

At one point she found a pair of pink camouflage pants (a first for us) and I was concerned with what she would wear with them. I guess she got tired of me harping on it because she turns to me and says "Mom, just ask someone who works here, then." So I did but she wasn't much help (BTW EVERYTHING goes with camo).

She then found a t-shirt that had an ice cream sundae on it and it said Lazy Sundaes. I really don't think she got it and there was nothing special about it but she insisted on having it. I kept asking her if she really liked it. To which she replied with one hand on her hip "What do you think I am, a girl who likes everything in the store?" My only response could be "YES!"

We got tons of cute clothes (too many?) and then met up with Husband #1 and Bumblebee for dinner. It was a nice day and fun to be just girls.

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