Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ocean Adventure

Double A is 6 years old. According to her she turned 6 yesterday at her party but really she has been 6 for a week now. Her Ocean Adventure party was yesterday in the backyard. About 8 or so kids came to the house and played in the sprinkler, wading pool and play gym. We had decorated the backyard with fish decorations and she had an underwater themed cake. The party started at 2pm but about 1pm she had had enough and started whining about when was it going to start?? We even used chalk on the front sidewalk to draw arrows and fish to mark the way to the back gate. She seemed to have fun and even got a water gun for a gift from one of the little boys. Bumblebee kept asking where was his birthday and where were his presents? When Double A opened the water gun Bumblebee immediately announced that was for him!

We opened family gifts after the kids left. We gave her a hula hoop (which I had to look EVERYWHERE for. Apparently hula hoops are out of season, who knew?) She was shockingly good at hula hooping unlike her brother and her dad.
So many big changes for our little girl. Starting real school with full days every day. Turning 6 seems to be a big milestone and one she seems to recognize without us telling her. She announced a few weeks ago that when she is 6 she can do whatever she wants. Then she started crying when her dad and I laughed at her and told this was definitely NOT the case. School starts for us after Labor Day so we still have time before she is officially a "Big Girl." We'll see who cries on the first day!

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tarab said...

Here's my trifecta bet: dad will be the one to cry first, followed by you. AA won't shed a tear - if she's anything like mine was.
You need to feed her some whole milk or something - skinny, long-legged thing! No wonder you had to take her clothes shopping!