Thursday, August 14, 2008

On the Road

Well, the kids and I spent 10 hours in the car yesterday. We are all still alive. We may be the last family on earth to get a dvd player fo the car but we finally did. This was our first trip with it. Bumblebee went with me to the store to purchase the headphones. He wanted to get a different kind and screamed throught he store that the ones I selected "do not fit me!" Not that he had tried them on as they were in one of those annoying hard plastic crimped closed cases. So, all day while I was driving he was screaming about his headphones not fitting (which they did fit) and then throwing them across the car. At which point I would turn off his movie and then he would scream some more. There is only so much you can do while driving and I already do too much, I am sure. Turning around in my seat to adjust his headphones ain't gonna happen while I am, 70 mile an hour. So that was fun. Meanwhile Double A was plugged in and happy the whole time.

We have more driving to do as this is only leg one of the trip. Saturday we will drive 1.5 hours to visit my grandparent-in-laws for the day (we are with my in-laws right now) and then another 2 hours that evening to see my parents and brother and his family for one day in Florida then turn around with them and drive 4 hours back to Louisiana for a few days and then 1.5 hours back to the in-laws and then another ten back home.

I am unsure why I decided to do this! :) No, Double A will be starting school soon (real school, Kindergarten) and we will be traveling less since she will actually have to attend school with regularity. I thought we would take the time to see the relatives in driving distance. We will miss Husband #1, though. he is home working hard every day so I can spend what he makes on gas for this trip! So far the kids are having fun with their grandparents and I will get to see some friends from high school and college that I have not seen in quite a while.

We'll see how the postig goes while on this trip. I willl likely take some pics so we will see if I get them posted. Gee, maybe I can do that while I am driving!


tarab said...

if you get the new iphone or a blackberry, you can just post to your blog while you drive too.

Lisha said...

I sure hate I cancelled our lunch date. I was really looking forward to it. That meeting was crazy and long. But not as bad as I thought it would be. Please don't blog while you drive.