Saturday, October 18, 2008

dyson update

Well, for those of you following my Dyson vacuum repair issues here is where it stands. I finally called Dyson and had the serial number. They are sending me a new hose for me to attach on my own. It cost $46 with shipping. I am shocked to realize it is 4 years old so no wonder it is not covered under warranty. I should have it in 5 business days. In the meantime I have followed the sage advice of my favorite father in law...duct tape it. So rest easy, Dyson lovers. My little guy will be all better soon.

In other son pooped in his hand.


Rainy Kate said...

In his hand?

Did he give a reason?

tarab said...

you can't just add that kind of information in at the end of a post -- it deserves one all to itself.