Monday, October 6, 2008

Follow up on the other random thoughts

So, still looking at cars. Will be for some time since trying to narrow down my list has backfired and the salespeople are unintentionally giving me more options for potential vehicles. Looked at the volvo options today. Lovely car...just not sure I want to pay $10,000-$15,000 more for the same or less options than other cars. I mean, I get the safety and all but really, is that such a huge deal these days with the other cars having the side curtain airbags and what not? BTW...if you have not seen a pic of side curtain airbags you should go to some car website and check that out...CRAZY! In the next ten years we will be strapped into our cars with those over the head harness things like roller coasters or the space shuttle. One good thing about the volvo was that it had a "pistol pocket." Never heard of that but sure would come in handy when the kids misbehaved in the back!

Debate issues. I tivo'd the VP debate and who am I kidding? I am probably not going to watch it. i feel like I should care about politics but really, I just don't. However, I was stuck in the motorcade at 4pm before the debate. I assume someone was going to dinner? many STL cops does it take to escort two suburbans and one towncar? SEVENTEEN!!!! Between the suburbans and 17 cop cars and motorcycles I had to wonder who I was watching drive by cuz that can't be good for the environment!

Now, my dog. Belle is her name and being weird is her game. She is now 9 years old and still full of energy and vigor...despite the fact she has suddenly developed weird food issues. I took her to the vet for her checkup and mentioned how she will bark in my face and jump on me when she wants to eat...except she does this even when she already ate! It was like she forgot or something and then that made me wonder if I had fed her or what...nothing like your DOG making you feel like a crazy person. Anyway, the vet suggested feeding her earlier in the day as we are hungrier morning or midday. Also to add in some green beans or carrots for more bulk in her belly without more calories. ALSO...seems I am an idiot. Different types of dog food require different amounts per serving. This has never occurred to me, that there could be varying caloric counts for different foods. Why? I don't know, likely cuz I dump the food and off I go and don't think about it again until she is mauling me at the computer. That got me thinking... the last time I actually checked how much to feed her could very well have been 8 years ago. I gave it a look in the pet store and by golly I was underfeeding her by 1-1.5 cups! No wonder she is hungry. Oddly though, I have been doing this for years and she has just started complaining in the last few months. Also, she has been gaining weight so must not be going too hungry. So I increased her amount of food and laid off the green beans to see how she did with just more food. Well, what do you think happened? If you guessed...SHE QUIT EATING you win!! She has had the same bowl of dog food down there for almost two days now...some will be gone but not behavior for her. SOOOO, I figure she will eat when she is hungry. I then noticed she would follow me up from the basement after a few bites. I experimented today and brought her bowl to the kitchen instead of the basement...she ate EVERY BITE!! So what, now she needs COMPANY to eat!!!??? AARRGGGHHH!!

Okay, kids in bed and hubby not home so off to watch some TIVO shows that no one but me likes :)

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