Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Learning the hard way

So today I was in the shower at 7:15am. All of a sudden Double A bursts in with candy in her hand and asks me through the shower door if Bumblebee can have that candy. I said I guess, mostly because I did not feel like fighting about it and he had eaten his breakfast...why not chase it with some spun sugar?? However, Double A then proceeds to inform me that she told Bumblebee he could have the candy (before she burst in to ask me) if he put her papers in the trash for her. I just stared at her and then asked why she thought she had the authority to require work of him to get his own candy. She just shrugged and then said "It helps him learn." It was too early in the morning to explain the problems with that scenario to her so I just sent her back downstairs to give him the candy. I still don't know if he "did the work" or got the candy but they seemed to work it out somehow so I lesson learned...somehow or another!

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