Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Fun

My parents came to visit last week for Double A's grandfriends day at school. We went to the fun farm again to pick some apples and pumpkins. The kids love this swing ride and Bumblebee just barely cleared the height requirement.
We watched the punkin chunkin again since Husband #1 was with us this time. FINALLY Double A was selected to go on stage and choose one of the pumpkins to be shot out. I had coached her on how to jump up and down and wave your arm around to get chosen. She was so excited but when he asked where she lived she said "Mississippi" and it kind of went weird from there. Oh well.

That brings us to pumpkin carving. Double A and Husband #1 worked on the design and both kids and myself scooped out the insides. I made pumpkin seeds in different flavors and they turned out pretty good.

Trick or treating was great fun. The weather was WONDERFUL. Everyone was outside sitting on their porch and Double A did not even need a coat with her cheerleader outfit. It had gotten up to 76 degrees that day...great considering three days ago it was a high of 49. The kids got more candy than any other year because we let them go to more houses...mostly because it was so nice to be outside. St. Louis has a weird tradition of telling a joke at each house before they give you your candy. This was the first year Double A really excelled at that. She had a few jokes in rotation but my favorite was "why shouldn't you tell jokes while skating?" why? "Because the ice might crack up." Bumblebee doesn't really understand jokes so his ran along the lines of "which letters can talk?" which? "trees". What???

This is a picture of the kids looking at a tiny snake I found while we were trick or treating. oVerall we had fun and the kids did not fight me too much on limiting candy consumption and going to bed. Bumblebee seems to be very sensitive to either sugar or the caffeine in chocolate so dessert before bed is challenging sometimes.

HAPPY NOVEMBER (can you believe it??) Set your clocks back tonight!

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