Sunday, November 9, 2008

Horse Show and Stuff

Double A had her first ever horse show today. Sadly she developed a fever yesterday so was not at her best for the show. Plus it got very cold and there were actually flurries - UGH! Anyway, I thought she did great considering she has never been in a show and was so sick and cold. She rode Zema, the grandpa horse at age 27. She placed fourth in the egg holding competition - where they hold an egg on a spoon while they ride and it can't fall off. Then she placed third in the Simon Says competition. We were so excited for her. She even had a couple friends come to see her ride plus her aunt is in town so it was quite the crowd in her cheering section. She cried before she started and I realized it was the illness but she was also nervous. I talked with her and explained what would happen and she calmed down some. Afterwards she said it was fun but she will never do it again because it was hard. Hopefully she will change her mind when she feels better. Bumble Bee had a great time climbing the fence and playing in the dirt.

Friday night Husband #1 and I and his sister who is in town visiting went to a charity fundraiser party. It was very trendy and kind of crazy. There was a woman painted silver with angel wings, people juggling fire sticks, a guy who was hammering screwdrivers into his nose, breakdancers and all sorts of things. Maybe this kind of thing is the norm for trendy socialite fundraisers but it sure was different from our usual night out!

BumbleBee REALLY does not like to brush his teeth...I figure, Oh well, he will get new ones in a few years!

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