Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick drama girl

Well, Double A is very sick. She started a fever Saturday and still is not doing well. In an effort to avoid the Mother of the Year prize I did not take her to the doctor until today (Wednesday). She had been feverish for three days but the doc can't do anything for fever and she had no other complaints. I did call the nurse line and they said unless her fever spikes again to tough it out. Well, late Tuesday night she started wailing about her ear hurting ad feeling like it had a bubble in it. The good news was she had been fever free for 8+ hours. Well, the doc said her ear was "horrible" and her throat had pus and her eye was infected and needed drops. She had woken up with it looking swollen and red. She sleeps alot and moans and wails even more. We have gone through a box of kleenex for the runny nose and she has not been in school all week. I am seriously hoping that 24 hours of antibiotics will drastically improve the situation. I am supposed to go out of town this weekend by myself and Husband #1 was going to take the kids to his parents house for the weekend. He will not be doing that if she is not improved.

Maybe it is wrong of me but the wailing and moaning really get on my nerves. I know she feels horrible but that really does not help and grates on the nerves. I am hoping this is some result of my feelings of frustration at not being able to make her feel better and not from some horrible part of me that is just straight up irritated with my sick child.


holly said...

Oh - I've been there. Being married to a doctor you promise to never be THAT MOM that brings their child in for a "cold" or "virus". I tend to err on the side of borderline neglect... :) Once I brought Maddie in because I thought she had pink eye and it turned out she had 2 raging ear infections - yeah, bad mom, huh? Also, I'm a very unsympathetic caretaker - I do my best, but darn it, what about my plans?!?

Now who is winning the "best mom of the year" award?

Rainy Kate said...

Well, having spent some time with the sick child in question, she can be a little irritating, so I'd feel okay about it either way. (And stop this "not the best mom" crap. You're a great freaking mom)

In fantastic news, I'm starting to get some of Double A's symptoms. Hooray! At least you don't have to care for me. I'm a very demanding patient.

Shannon Gould said...

Hope sicky girl is better... and that no one else got it. And let me tell ya, I bet my boys would say that I could give you a run for your money in the "lack of sympathy for the ailing" department! :)