Friday, November 21, 2008

Another New Addition

Okay, so it has almost been two weeks since I got a NEW CAR!! For most of you who read this I suppose this post is a little anticlimactic since you have already heard the news. A select few of you have even ridden in it!!

Anyway, been super busy and illness has plagued our house plus it rained the day after I got it so it was all dirty looking. Sooooo I finally washed it and had a sunny day and took some pics so here they are...

It is a 2009 Nissan Maxima with all kinds of cool stuff on it. Lately I have been loving the heated steering wheel...those 20 degree mornings at 6am on the way to the gym feel a little bit better with warm hands! I debated about black due to the frequent washing needs but thought the car looked best in black so here it is. I really like the car and the kids and I have been adjusting well to downsizing. It will be even better once Bumblebee gets in a booster seat in January. The haggling process did not go as smoothly as I had hoped but it worked out okay in the end. We had a fantastic experience when we bought Husband #1's truck in August and I guess I was hoping for that again.

The downside has been going from no car payments to two car payments within three months. My old car just was not going to hold on much longer with a variety of "little" issues that were adding up quickly...adding in price and sheer numbers of issues.

It is fun to drive and I like to imagine that I make the car look good! :)

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