Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fourth Birthday Drama

So yesterday was the long awaited BIG DAY for Bumble B...his fourth birthday. We started the day off with his new big boy booster seat instead of his old car seat. He was so excited and even buckled himself in on the first try. We brought cupcakes to school to with white icing and sprinkles by his choice.

After school Double A was eating pretzels and her tooth fell out!! Not the one we have been waiting for since about October, the one we call Snaggle, but one on the bottom! She looked horror struck at first and I asked if she swallowed it and she said "I fink so". Turns out we were able to fish it out of her mouth amongst the pretzels.

After Husband #1 got home we ordered Bumble B's choice of Bumble B refused to eat more than one bite. Then came cake with candles and what not. He ate one bite and said he did not like it.

How old are you?

Then we moved on to presents at which point he perked up and was so excited for his remote control Jeep and his new watch, among other things. We played for a bit and then started in with the movie he had picked at Blockbuster that afternoon. The kids always want to "stay up late" so I told them they could and we would watch a movie. About 15 minutes in Bumble B was restless and asked to go to bed at 8:15. Then the drama began...maybe 30minutes later he went to bed he screamed and began vomiting...all over the bed, himself, the floor, the area rug, the bathroom floor, the bathroom door...pretty much anything in his path. We got that cleaned up as best we could and sent him back to bed. He proceeded to wake up at least two more times during the night with vomit. The last time about half of it made it in the trash can by his bed.

After a pretty sleepless night between vomit and pages for Husband #1 I was awakened at 7:15 by Double A near tears tapping me standing on the side of my bed. The Tooth Fairy did NOT COME!! Seems with everyone being up all night the Tooth Fairy was unable to get into the house safely without being seen. We are hoping for tonight. Or at least that is the publicized version here at our house!! Wow, did I feel like a crappy parent!

So far we have been vomit free for almost 8 hours. We have seriously limited fluids this morning and made Bumble B drink out of a shot glass! You know nothing settles your stomach like a hefty shot in the morning!! He has just asked for some food so we will see what happens. I am really hoping he is done with the vomit and we can still have the McDonald's birthday party on Sunday. Poor guy.

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tarab said...

aahhh, the vomit chronicles. Imagine that times 4. And yes, throw in the forgettful toothfairy too, but she's in need of some memory boosters bc she forgot multiple nights in a row!! ugh!