Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Daze!

So, we got some snow last week.

Actually the first day we got just a little snow and it did not even cover all the grass. However, that did not stop Husband #1 from getting out there with the kids and making them pull and push him in the sled! He is such the taskmaster!

No, actually if you will notice the sled marks back and forth across the grass...that is where Husband #1 was running as fast as he could in snow to pull Double A back and forth across three yards. She loved it but Bumble B was still a little under the weather from his stomach flu and would not get on the sled.

Well, that all changed when two days later we got more snow. Double A did have school but no one else did so I kept her home. One reason was I did not get up early enough because I thought it would be cancelled like everyone else. The other reason was she slept until 9am, which NEVER happens. I was worried she was getting the stomach thing Bumble B had over the weekend and Husband #1 had on Monday. She did not have it, thankfully but by that point more snow was supposed to be coming so I just kept her home. We went sledding with some friends. It was the first time the kids have ever been sledding on a real hill. It was sooooo cold and ice pellets fell from the sky the whole time but we had fun. It is hard to tell in the pictures but this was a really big hill. So big I had trouble climbing back up the steep parts.

This is Bumble B getting ready for his first ride down the hill by himself. Double A was great about taking him and then pulling the sled back up. He wanted to go on his own but I told him he would have to pull the sled up and he changed his mind. Then I felt guilty so told him I would meet him at the bottom to help with the sled.

Not sure if you can see his little face but he was grinning ear to ear. The funny thing about this picture is he was going down backwards at this point! This hill had two parts...the first part was a pretty good slope then you hit a drop off and went even steeper from there. This was taken right before he went over the drop off backwards. He did great and stayed on all the way to the bottom.

Double A loved sledding. She always loves the snow which always surprises me for some reason. She was borrowing our friends disc sled in this photo. She did not want to go home but Bumble B was crying hysterically he was so cold and i was pretty miserable myself after a little over an hour out there.
Then Wednesday Double A's school was actually cancelled but there are no pics of that day because we did not leave the house! I found out later that Double A's school has not had a snow day in three or four years and in fact are one of the local schools that almost never closes. We got bunches more snow Tuesday night which caused the school closing (and the first pic in this blog post).
Well, today is Monday again. We still have snow in the shady parts but it was in the 40's this weekend so much of it turned into a slushy mess. But never fear! We have more coming tonight! UGH!

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