Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Forever Stamp

So, I saw this on someone else's blog but thought I would mention it here...because, who knew??

This is the Forever Stamp:

The current price of postage is .42 cents. I mention this because who can keep up??? Anyway, this Forever stamp sells for .41 cents per stamp. These stamps will FOREVER be valid postage despite any future postage rate increases...such as the one coming on May 11 to .44 cents per stamp.

I say this is a good deal and where have I been?? Right now it is a small discount of one cent per stamp but coming in May (if I stock up now) it will be three cents off! I am purchasing several sheets everytime I go to the post office and figure they can last FOREVER!! :)

Consider this my helpful hint for the recession riddled economy.

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tarab said...

really? That doesn't seem like the USPS way.