Sunday, March 15, 2009


Who knew when Double A got this pacifier as a 4 month old at Christmas that it would be a sign of things to come?

Double A has been rapidly losing teeth, as most 6 and a half year olds will do. However, our child refuses to wiggle her loose teeth. Her two front teeth have been loose since November. That would be at least 4 months, for those who are counting. The teeth get so loose that they shift positions and pretty much stick straight out. The teeth coming in are at least halfway grown in already. Double A now goes by several new nicknames such as Snaggletooth and Bucky Beaver. These pictures do not really show the detail of how the teeth poke out but it is very annoying. I feel like we should live in the Appalachians or something when I look at her teeth.

I finally called her dentist to see if they would pull them...or really just flick them out, they were so loose. They said it would be $100 per tooth and they really did not like to do that when there were no problems and the kid could get them out on their own. Well, once Husband #1 heard this he decided that was the night it was coming out! I got the lovely job of holding down a kicking and crying Double A while he wrapped dental floss around the tooth. All of a sudden she got very still and the tooth was out - FINALLY!! She claims it hurt but I think she was just surprised. It did bleed a fair amount but stopped quickly. I told him later he should have wrapped it around both teeth since she will likely never let us do that again.

So now we are down to one crazy snaggletooth. She says the next top front tooth is loose but I told her at the rate she goes she will be well over 7 years old before it falls out.

So, for those who are counting...this is her 5th lost tooth in a year's time span. The next one is hanging by a thread...


holly said...

That is hilarious! Alex loves getting hers pulled out and wiggles to no end. I vote you pull out the other "snaggletooth" while she is sleeping!

cherrystones said...

I pull kids' teeth out all the time at school! All the time. They always come to me and I pull them out. Probably shouldn't, but I do it anyway.