Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mountain camping!

We had a great time camping in the Smoky Mountains last week for Spring Break. I was a little apprehensive as there was so much prep work, we have fairly young kids and let's face it...I am not that "outdoorsy." However, we had fantastic time!! We met my college roommate and her family there. We had campsites next to each other. We had a cabin and they have their own camper trailer. There were four adults and five kids ages 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Right behind the campsites was a rocky stream the kids loved playing in. There was no shortage of playmates and virtually no fighting amongst them. The cabin was small but clean and nice. The whole campground was nice, very natural with trees and streams and the bathrooms were very clean.

We went hiking, saw tons of awesome streams and rocks and even hiked all the way to a waterfall (1.3 miles one way). We were there a bit early in the season so not much was leafed out yet but it was still beautiful. We rode an aerial tram to the top of a mountain and then Double A ice skated for the first time ever and we went snow tubing (manufactured snow). We went to Dolly Parton's dinner show the Dixie Stampede. The kids loved it as it had horse riding and tricks and such.

We spent alot of time hanging out around the campfire grilling, eating smores and just having fun. The kids enjoyed the relatively free rein they had to run around the campground together. It was a very relaxing vacation. The kids stayed up late every night and had action packed days. The weather was lovely...a bit chilly at times but pretty clear and dry and warmed up nicely most days.

We all agreed it was a great time and are trying to come up with ideas for next year! It was even very affordable as family vacations go! All around AWESOME - GREAT friends and GREAT times.

roasting the perfect "mellow" even though there are so many different ideas on what constitutes "perfect" :)

crossing a stream/river on a fallen log because the footpath bridge was out

Double A's first time on skates and Husband #1's second time. He readily admits he is not the best skating teacher she could have! :)

Hiking the trail to the waterfall that you could walk behind!

All the kids at the Yogi Bear statue in the Jellystone campground where we stayed.

Our "rustic" cabin. It had four bunks, a toilet and sink (no shower), a kitchen sink, dorm fridge, coffee pot, and toaster

all the kids taking a break on a log on the hiking trail


holly said...

So glad you had fun! We love camping and hiking and the Smokey Mountains are so beautiful - I love this time of year when all the dogwoods and redbuds are blooming. Last April Nate and I hiked with some friends up Mt. LeConte and stayed overnight in their rustic cabins - it was wonderful. Great pictures!

MadMonkMcElroys said...

I'm so proud to hear that you went camping . . . in the woods no less. You're evolving!