Monday, May 11, 2009


Double A had her dance recital Friday night. It was about as I expected. The teacher is big into getting them to understand "creative concepts" when I think they are a bit young for that aspect of dance just yet. As one would expect, the actual dance steps instruction part was not as high on the list with this other emphasis. Now, Double A has taken dance before from a completely opposite dance instructor...all precision and emphasis on learning the routine, no silliness tolerated while dancing. Apparently Double A remembered this previous instruction, or she was just one of the oldest kids, but she was all about doing the right steps (as right as she could get them) and not goofing around and being silly. She had fun and enjoyed herself. She insisted she have her hair "in a bun" so that is how we did it. She was very cute and has no stage fright.

This picture shows Double A with two of her Kindergarten classmates. She is concentrating so hard!After the performance while taking a bow on stage. She was also one of the tallest kids in her dance class...even taller than the ones her own age.BumbleBee was very excited to see his sister dance on stage and kept clapping for her. Of course, he wanted me to take his picture, also.

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Rainy Kate said...

I love those two.

Your Boston list is in the works, and is making me wish I could join you!