Monday, May 11, 2009

Mad at me

So, the other day Double A was very mad at me. She has a habit of speaking in a very nasty tone of voice to her brother and she got in trouble for it. When I explained this was unacceptable and blah blah (which is likely what she heard) I asked if she understood. She then said "yes" in the same nasty tone to me. Obviously she did not understand so she had to go to her room. She was mad and stomped and banged around in there. I ignored it. Then the "hate notes" started to appear in the hall outside her door.

There were a few more similar to this one where I was drawn with a big X through me, usually with an angry face. She was always drawn with a big smile and heart around her. (I blurred out where she wrote BumbleBee's name. I am not sure why he was really even included except maybe he was not in trouble??)

Sometimes we are truly frightened by her attitude, behavior, tone and eye rolling. She is only 6 and a half and already she often acts like a young teen. It scares us mightily.


tarab said...

oh, but I wish I had something positive and uplifting to say right here. How about, "I love you and don't think you are mean."

holly said...

I can relate - Alex just turned seven and we have had our share of moments that I thought were reserved to teenagers. I have also found notes and pictures that are not so kind to mommy. I let her vent her frustration, but after she has calmed down we try to always talk about it. Most often, she'll apologize, but there have been a few times where she won't back down (she didn't fall too fall from the tree!). I am also warily concerned for the future!
Good luck!