Friday, May 29, 2009


Husband #1 and I have always agreed that when Double A asks to get her ears pierced, we will go ahead. She has been asking for about two months or so and we finally found the time to get over there. Husband #1 got some numbing gel from the hospital and we put that on her earlobes before we left the house. Our hope was it would not hurt nearly as much if the ear lobes were numb first.

I love this picture because you can see the grimace on Double A's face but even better is the matching grimace on her daddy's face! I guess he was feeling her pain.

She did a great job! She held her Daddy's hand and a stuffed animal they have there. She grimaced with each ear but no sounds or crying. She even had a small audience of two other little girls observing to see if it was something they wanted to do. I did explain to their mother that her ears were numb so it may not be the best example of how it would really happen. I have heard that you can get the gel at the drugstore for numbing. She is being very responsible with cleaning them, and turning them and so far so good. She selected her own earrings and went with her birth stone...the peridot.

She seems so grown up sometimes and the earrings don't help. She finishes Kindergarten next week and has informed me in 5 school days she will be a first grader!


Rainy Kate said...

I'm torn between being shocked at how quickly she is growing up, and between being excited for all the super cute earrings Aunt Katie can buy for her.

tarab said...

wow, such permissive parenting. Just doing it whenever she asks. You are a brave one! What about make-up and boys. Same rule? HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!

MadMonkMcElroys said...

WOW! First, I can't believe how much she has grown. She's becoming a little lady and NOW with earrings. Let's hope I don't get that question . . . ever.